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COVID-19 Policies

In an effort to protect our patients, ourselves, and our families, we are strictly enforcing CDC guidelines regarding all aspects of the fight against COVID. The following is a list of many of our protocols. This is not an exhaustive list because information is changing daily, but we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to give us a call: (210)-614-3334

  • Prior to the appointment, we ask that you do your best to complete paperwork online. This paperwork is only required for recall/cleaning appointments, not treatment. You will be asked to review your answers in the office to confirm they were saved properly and add your signature. If you need information to login to our portal, please call and ask. We will be happy to walk you through the process.
  • We require all people entering the facility to wear a NON-VALVED mask over the nose at all times. We will inform the patient when it is time to remove their mask and replace it. There is not a minimum age to which this applies. If the patient is cooperative enough to wear a mask, we require one be worn. Some exceptions may be made for conditions such as autism and infants. If your mask has a valve, we will provide you with a mask that you may place over your valve or you may wear our mask instead of the valved mask.
  • We are taking our temperature daily and will take the temperature of anyone entering our building. This includes patients of all ages, parents, guardians, and others who provide services to our office. Anyone with a temperature of 99 or above will be asked to return another day. We will help you reschedule by phone. Dr. Blume has always been strict about not seeing patients who are under the weather because it is uncomfortable for the patient to be seen in that condition and it can be unsafe for other patients and our families.
  • Each pediatric patient will be allowed one adult to accompany them inside the building. We ask that parents/guardians stay in their car if the child is able to attend the appointment on their own once the check in process is complete.
  • If there are multiple children from one family with an appointment, we prefer there still only be one guardian in the building unless multiple children are toddlers and more than one adult is needed.
  • Upon entry, we will take temperatures, give hand sanitizer and review COVID questionnaires. The accompanying adult will need to sign a COVID statement before taking a pager and returning to the car to wait until we are ready for the patient. This is to follow guidelines to limit the number of people in the office.
  • We have medical-grade air purifiers in every operatory and some administrative areas. We have also installed medical-grade air filters in our HVAC system.
  • We are cleaning all common area surfaces, doorknobs and bathrooms every 30 minutes.
  • All treatment rooms are being cleaned and new protective barriers changed between every patient contact as we always have. The Treasure Tower is also being cleaned after each patient use.
  • We are wearing extra PPE to include gowns and face shields for aerosol-producing procedures. We have upgraded our masks in treatment areas to KN95 masks that are on the FDA-approved list.
  • Full quarantine guidelines are being followed. When in doubt, we prefer you be on the stricter side of quarantine. This gets very complicated, so please call if anyone in your household has been exposed before coming to the office. Please respect our desire to be extraordinarily careful and we may ask more of you than the minimum requirements. We do not want to endanger anyone, nor do we want to have to close our office as that would keep us from being able to provide services to patients in need.
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